Traditional security solutions are incomplete and start by building off protecting the perimeter of a network and works its way inside. Today, perimeter protection simply doesn’t cut it anymore, you have the cloud, IoT, and BYOD everywhere you turn. Today Organizations need to be better prepared for simply because of the following:

  • Changing regulatory compliance standards.
  • The management of mobile devices.
  • The ever-increasing number of things connecting to your network every day.
  • The growing number of sophisticated cyber threats.

The simple fact that no matter how much IT spends they cannot keep everyone off their networkGrowing concerns for network protection have fueled a sharp increase in the total number of security products and vendors. Each unique security product offers a solution to a particular security problem with many overlaps in protection. But these niche solutions often don’t work in unison, leaving a complicated and expensive trail of inefficiency in their wake. Read More…..