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a Designer of Complex IT Solutions Cloud Computing has a rare perspective of the cybersecurity industry

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Howard Hellman CEO Founder of Aerobyte Cyber Defense

Due to the COVID-19 crisis where other industries are witnessing a halt, the cloud industry has attained unprecedented growth as the businesses shifted to the digital platform overnight. To avoid the threat of security breaches and other IT infrastructural hazards, companies are relying on cloud solution providers. Howard Hellman a Subject Matter Expert in cybercity, Zero Trust Architecture, and AHPC distributed computing, brings a new innovative optimized secure modern infrastructure, for the next generation ensuring that all communication throughout the internet is safe and secure. Howard Hellman and his team at Aerobyte, is transforming the cloud infrastructure by protecting individuals, corporations, and governments by dynamically protecting the digital flow of information.

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Howard Hellman

Howard Hellman

Howard has a 25-year history of designing complex IT infrastructure solutions. He was noted for his ability to engineer complex Cyber Security, High-Performance Computing, and Cloud environments. Howard Hellman has been a forward thinker in the technology industry and is excited to discuss new concepts in cybersecurity from new vantage points that many IT leaders may have dismissed in the past.