Guarding against the

Quantum Computing poses a huge risk for all. Standard networking and encryption methods are vulnerable to the coming quantum computing capabilities.

Aerobyte offers a Quantum Safe Architecture.

Quantum Apocalypse

Welcome to the Quantum Apocalypse

A traditional computer has two states: on and off. We call them binary computers, and we refer to ones and zeros to represent those on/off conditions. Quantum computers use a third state: superposition. Quantum superposition is a principle where a quantum system can exist in multiple states until it is measured. That capability enables a quantum computer to crack complex encryption algorithms.  This is where the intersection between quantum computing and cybersecurity will meet.

These quantum computing capabilities are so fast that passwords become obsolete, usernames are irrelevant, and hackers are the norm.  They quickly and efficiently access bank accounts, government agencies, credit card accounts, healthcare provider servers and medical devices, airline ticketing platforms, automobiles, smart home devices. They can even change Netflix preferences undetected.

Why prepare for the Quantum Apocalypse

Quantum-resistant cryptographic algorithms have been proposed. However, current cryptographic algorithms such as RSA PKI Asymmetrical Encryption and Elliptic Curve (ECC) are based on algebraic problems, whereas quantum-resistant algorithms are based on solving entirely different issues. Interestingly, the solutions being proposed for quantum-safe cryptography are based on traditional computing capabilities.

Being exposed to an insecure network, or worse – hosting an insecure network, can cost millions, so Aerobyte developed and established a quantum-resistant solution. Our Cyber Defense Framework is architected to help businesses adopt a new safe Cyber Architecture to guide organizations into the future to not only prepare for the Quantum Apocalypse but solve today’s most challenging security challenges. At heart of Cyber Defense Framework, which encompasses Zero Trust Security Architecture, with Software-Defined Perimeters SDP and ZTNA for authentication where it counts. Aerobyte deploys a Defense and protects strategy that is resilient and redefining the fundamentals of enterprise cybersecurity.

What is being done?

Aerobyte has developed its Cyber Defense Framework, which enforces policy to limit human error when deploying security at an agile pace. Our CDF, at its core, is an open platform that provides investment protection while deploying a Zero Trust Security Model that can easily support the entire lifecycle of Trust. Additionally, we can deploy Software-Defined Perimeter SDP to not only ensure that organizations are prepared for the Quantum Apocalypse but tighten the defenses to protect organizations from a nefarious actor today, like removing the attack surface and making it invisible. You cannot hack what you cannot see. 


Aerobyte offers a Quantum Safe Architecture.

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