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We have successfully revolutionized the way organizations protect themselves from some of the world’s most sophisticated data security problems.

Aerobyte Cyber Current State of Cyber Security

Data breaches exist for roughly 150 days before they are detected. Most companies aim to contain a breach within 30 days. In the first 6 months of 2019 alone, over 4 billion records were exposed in data breaches, and hacked companies are held liable. Worm-enabled malware that targets home-based computers that use corporate VPN connections is on the rise as a way to infiltrate business networks.

In 2020, the U.S. government failed to protect critical and national infrastructure from third-party software creating the most consequential cyber-attack. Worldwide spending on information security and risk management technology and services will continue to grow. Information security spending is expected to exceed $124 billion in 2021.

The use of Aerobyte’s Cyber Defense Framework would have kept each of these examples from happening. Aerobyte’s Cyber Defense Framework identifies breaches instantly and stops them with two clicks. All while likely costing less than the current systems and being timelier and simpler to execute and manage.



CIOs have spent billions of dollars investing into a cybersecurity architecture that is fundamentally flawed

Historically, companies have spent many resources and significant dollars protecting the corporation’s perimeter by implementing extensive, elaborate firewalls. It is ever becoming challenging to stop intruders since many people leave large holes within the grandiose firewalls. Many CIOs had a false sense of security with such technologies as unsecured Virtual Private Networks (VPN), DMZ and easy-to-fool network intrusion devices. Studies demonstrate that more than 80% of all fraud happens behind the firewall. Since the internet was not built with security in mind, but yet it has become mainstream. Nefarious actors have all day to carry out their attacks simply because this perimeter-based security architecture has a visible attack surface, until now.

Castle Based Perimeter Architectures Do Not Work

Think Bigger
Cyber security is not about network security.

It’s about how do you protect every byte of data?

Even experts understand the fact that the internet was not built with security in mind.  When thinking about network security, the first step is to treat any network, whether internal or external, as a hostile environment, something to be attacked. That is why organizations need to start developing strategies for removing the network from the security equation. The network’s function should be focused on two things: One, how much data can run through the pipes, and two, how fast it can move. Using this approach allows organizations to move away from the traditional thinking of castle perimeter defense strategies and onto where the core issue is, protecting information flow in any direction without worrying about who is listening.





  • – Ease of use when provisioning renewing  and revoking trust
  • – Investment Protection – no need to rip and replace
  • – Plug and play software-defined modular security
  • – Open framework and smart API integration


  • – Maintain complete control of trust lifecycle
  • – Ensure that any device connected is authorized without repudiation
  • – Enforcing policy and procedures around PKI digital certificates
  • – Digital Authorization of Every Device and Every User


  • – Enterprise perimeter defense for any endpoint with an IP
  • – Zero Attack Surface Invisible
  • – Certificate-based access control
  • – Cut of communications from a compromised system
  • – Reduce cost and complexities of cyber security


  • – Increased speed while optimizing data throughput
  • – Micro-segmentation of information flow
  • – Plug and play encryption standards
  • – Invisible routing to prevent a man in the middle attack
Aerobyte Software Defined Perimeter Dashboard

Deploy a Zero Trust Architecture and Software Defined Perimeter with Aerobyte’s Cyber Defense Framework

Aerobyte’s proprietary Cyber Defense Framework Dashboard allows organizations to rapidly provision, monitor, renew, and revoke trust to maintain a Zero Trust environment’s integrity while offering complete control over the perimeter frontier, protecting every endpoint communicating within your organization. With having full control over your Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP). Our SDP completely removes the attack surface for every connection known and alerts for every unknown connection. Let Aerobyte guide you into this new frontier where cybersecurity professionals can protect their organization’s digital assets, their client’s private information while developing a new trusted way of communication without any boundaries or borders, reducing your operational cost and complexities.

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Network Security is a thing of the past. Aerobyte removes the network from the security equation.

When thinking about network security, one of the biggest problems is the network. CIOs realize that they can not keep everyone off their network. At Aerobyte, we have removed the network from the security equation. This concept is a game-changer in the security industry. Our Software Defined Perimeter delivers Zero Trust Network Access to our Dynamic Encryption Tunnel protects communication over any hostile unsecured network. Aerobyte protects communications flow in any direction allowing your organization to adapt to new services and offerings through the ability to communicate with any agnostic network. This opens the door to protect legacy applications, classified and sensitive information, IoT devices, smart homes, and the list the keeps growing.

Aerobyte Ibm Eco System Partner

Guarding against the

Quantum Computing poses a huge risk for all. Standard networking and encryption methods are vulnerable to the coming quantum computing capabilities.

Aerobyte offers a Quantum Safe Architecture.


Our Security Cost Reduction Study will provide your executive team a comprehensive business case to make a financially based security decision for the entire organization.

  • What security hardware and appliances are in place?
  • What are your security OPEX costs?
  • What are the costs to maintain and install?
  • What is the timeframe of ownership/use of the product?
  • Are you considering any new network applications?
  • What are the security CAPEX costs?


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