Zero Trust Security

Aerobyte’s philosophy about security comes down to one thing. How do we prove you or any electronic device you are communicating with is TRUSTED without any repudiation while maintaining anonymity?



Building a Zero Trust Model comes down to one basic principle, Trust no one and verify everything. The method of verification commonly used is PKI asymmetrical encryption keys, known simply as a public-private key pair. The creation and enforcement of policy and procedures when deploying private keys maintain any Zero Trust Deployment integrity. Aerobyte’s Cyber Defense Framework gives IT professionals the tools for maintaining the entire Trust lifecycle through provisioning, protecting, renewing, and revoking Trust.

Zero Trust Security solves many issues organizations are faced today as cybercriminals have become more sophisticated in their attempts to circumvent existing security architectures. Zero Trust can create digital identities for users, finally eliminating the need to rely on username, passwords, and tokens. The most significant deployment of a Zero Trust architecture is turning any device, known or unknown, into a Trusted device. Zero Trust security solves numerous security issues that organizations face from BYOD and supporting a remote workforce, especially when workers can only work from home, as we have experienced during COVID. Aerobyte simplifies maintaining your Zero Trust Architecture to ensure only verified users and devices are authorized to connect to approved resources while eliminating the ability to connect to applications, files, or services they have no permission to access.

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Aerobyte allows any attack to be stopped in just two clicks.

Our modular approach to security is the only security platform on the market today that can be deployed within an existing IT infrastructure or cloud computing environment to protect:




Data in Motion

Data at Rest

Digital Identities


Software-Defined Perimeter or SDP moves the traditional enterprise firewall, castle-based security architecture from the organization’s perimeter out to the furthest endpoints communicating with one another. Yesterday’s Castle Based Perimeter Defense strategy does not work in today’s interconnected world. We are at an age where organizations manage compute resources and information flow in new innovative ways, which sets the stage for a new way to protect systems from nefarious activity. Aerobyte’s SDP Enables IT organizations to deploy security through software by protecting organizations from the inside out. Unlike traditional perimeter defenses or complex security systems, this unique, disruptive concept creates a new, more profound, dark layer of security that protects data and applications from exposure, even if an organization is compromised. Aerobyte’s (SDP) delivers the power of a total enterprise lockdown within a small footprint protecting any device from an embedded processor, IoT, mobile, workstation, VM on-prem, or in the cloud, including a mainframe.

Aerobyte’s SDP, Creates an Invisible attack surface by hiding any device from being exposed to any user or device that is not authorized to connect. Additionally, any device, Application, or server protected with our software-defined perimeter blocks some of the most sophisticated attacks. Some examples are DDoS, Port Sniffing, or a Man in the Middle, to name a few. This approach does not play by the old rules. It offers organizations a cost-effective way to increase their security levels while rapidly deploying security on the fly with software vs. expensive network and firewall-based solutions.

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Aerobyte Software Defined Perimeter Dashboard

Deploy a Zero Trust Architecture and  Software Defined Perimeter with Aerobyte’s Cyber Defense Framework

Aerobyte’s proprietary CDF Dashboard allows organizations to configure, deploy, and protect data where it is most vulnerable. It also offers the management, monitoring, analytics, and configuration tools to automate protection.

It offers the management, monitoring, analytics, and configuration tools to automate protection on a massive scale, creating the dynamic of an attack on an organization becoming nothing more than a simple maintenance issue.

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Aerobyte’s own proprietary Cyber Defense Framework will provide the security and peace of mind needed while being strategically simple and cost effective, especially for those on enterprise-scale legacy systems. Legacy systems inherently become their own kryptonite. As they age, updates become obsolete, patches need created, plugins get quilted together in an attempt to increase longevity, and in this process, additional vulnerabilities become exposed. To add to this inherent risk, legacy systems are most often found within the most significant and sought after targets, like the government and manufacturing. As challenging as legacy security may appear, Aerobyte’s Cyber Defense Framework is designed specifically ensure they are protected. From water treatment plants, to the Treasury, Aerobyte’s proprietary system applies the highest level of security available, stopping any attack before it begins, while reducing the cost of threat defense.

Available in Software as a Service (SaaS)- Cloud Based Model and On-Premise -Perpetual

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The coronavirus pandemic is driving short-term demand in areas such as cloud adoption, remote worker technologies and cost saving measures, involving Mobile Device Management (MDM) brought on by the challenge of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) adaptation for the remote worker.

Aerobyte’s Software Defined Cyber Defense Framework is a very cost-effective way to not only dramatically increase any organizations security it also allows contractors or suppliers to meet the highest standards by default. So, if their company is compromised, your company won’t be at risk.  Aerobyte’s Cyber Defense Framework is designed in a way that if your organization has been compromised, we can still stop an attack before it begins.

Supply chain attacks are here to stay as cyber-criminal organizations are always looking for the weakest link to exploit the supplies chains, connecting various companies with unequal security are a new sweet spot. Aerobyte is here to keep that from happening.

Available in Software as a Service (SaaS)- Cloud Based Model and On-Premise -Perpetual

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IoT devices, not unlike the internet itself, are not built with security in mind. Often, they cannot have security directly installed, and in some cases, have been known to come pre-loaded – with malware. Companies and government entities must interact with the IoT, therefore IoT security is paramount to their protection. The rapid increase of work-from-home (WFH) and bring-you-own-devices (BYOD) IoT devices are being added to networks at a rate of up to one million devices each day to increase efficiency and flexibility, and it’s happening a huge risk to the organization. Aerobyte’s IoT Security Platform can turn any mobile or IoT device into a trusted device and protect and monitor its use.

Available in Software as a Service (SaaS)- Cloud Based Model and On-Premise -Perpetual


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