Cyber Defense Framework

A simplified security solution that protects information without any boundaries and borders

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Cyber Defense Framework

Zero Trust when deployed properly can stop cyberthreats from around the globe.

Cybersecurity is a growing problem, and many brands are trying to solve it. However, not all solutions are created equal. Aerobyte’s new Cyber Defense Framework integrates with the best security products on the market, which are easy to integrate and control. The framework also offers a simplified roadmap for protection that is scalable and quantum-safe into the future.

A Zero Trust Architecture is the ideal means to protect an organization’s data. Properly deployed, it allows IT to maintain an important level of security while also allowing for rapid growth. SDPs are ideal because they contain a wide variety of security controls that can be easily added. The framework used by Aerobyte is ideal for Zero Trust because it provides a unified framework that can be implemented across your entire environment.

What the Cyber Defense Framework Suite includes:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Certificate Management
  • Software Defined Perimeter SDP
  • Zero Trust Architecture
  • Invisible Attack Surface
  • End-to-End Dynamic Tunnel Encryption
What the Cyber Defense Framework Prevents:

  • Plug-in/App/Patch Vulnerabilities
  • Update Vulnerabilities
  • Misconfiguration Vulnerabilities
  • Supply Chain Vulnerabilities
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attack
  • Denial-of-Service Attack
  • Unauthorized Network/Device Access
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Trusted Digital Identities

The cornerstone of information protection is Trusted Digital Identities. When properly enforced, these policies and procedures create an impenetrable fortress around your data. Aerobyte provides protection and storage of private keys to maintain trusted digital identity lifecycle.

With Aerobyte’s Trusted Digital Identity and Zero Trust Architecture at its core, we bring advanced digital lifecycle management to the certificate authentication space. With advanced logging and digital certificate authentication, combined with Aerobyte’s Cyber Defense Framework.

When someone leaves or trust is violated, the system integrity is immediately revoked. Our security philosophy strives for decentralized sensitive information and establishes correct policies and revocation strategies to maintain system integrity. This is fundamental in ensuring integrity within your security process.

Universal Trust Process offers:

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Legal Compliance
  • Certificate Encryption
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
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Threat Deception Platform

Aerobyte’s Deception Detection Platform stops hackers before they can attempt something more serious. Hackers want something to attack and they are aiming at your network. We want to know who they are so we can permanently disable them from further attempts. Aerobyte has the network securely cloaked, so we offer up decoys and lures that instantly identify not only these attempted breaches but also the actor, collecting forensic data on the actor’s tactics, technics, and procedures (TTP). Available Platform as a Service (PaaS)- Cloud-based model and on-premise -perpetual

Aerobyte’s Deception Detection Platform offers:

  • Instant Detection
  • A Specifically Identified Threat
  • Actionable Prevention
  • Decoy-Based Lure, Insulating Corporation or Government Entity
  • Advance Warning, Keeping Team Ahead of Security Issues
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Threat Intelligence Platform

Aerobyte’s Threat Intelligence Platform gives a holistic view of threat landscape of your organization and combines numerous threat intelligence sources into a single pane of glass. It collects attacker profiles, integrates with security controls and is customizable based on your industries intelligence needs. Sources include everything from global threat databases to Social media, the dark web to mobile apps. Aerobyte’s Threat Intelligence Platform offers a centralized system to manage the data flow from a single platform and provides context for every attack, giving the company the ability to predict and prevent future attacks.

Available in Software as a Service (SaaS)- Cloud Based Model and On-Premise -Perpetual

Aerobyte’s Threat Intelligence Platform Offers:

  • Early Detection
  • Prediction and Prevention
  • Actionable Results
  • Increase of Security Framework Capacity
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Dynamic Encryption

True zero trust end-to-end tunnel encryption completely removes the network from the security equation – you can’t attack what you can’t see. Aerobyte’s Encryption Gateway is a centralized command center that addresses the most complex security problems. Internal traffic is protected, and each user is routed only to its unique authorized resources. External traffic is protected and routed safely, completely independent of the network. Aerobyte’s Encryption Gateway not only optimizes existing on-premise solutions but any cloud or WiFi system as well.

Aerobyte’s End-to-End Encryption offers:

  • Centralized Command Center Gateway
  • Data Encryption at Rest and in Motion
  • Guaranteed Privacy and Security of your Communication