Aerobyte has been recognized as one of the ‘ Top 20 leading IoT Service Providers ‘ in The Technology Headlines Magazine. Aerobyte has carved for itself a niche identity with its unique and innovative business model. By combining this model with some excellent employee engagement practices, comparable to large companies, it has also proved to be one of the best companies to work for.

Continuing the legacy of facilitating the various industry professionals who have contributed to the rapidly evolving landscape of their respective domains. This annual listing of Top 20 leading IoT Service Providers stemmed out of the rigorous scrutiny of the list of 250+ nominations, by a distinguished panel of the industry’s leading CIOs, CEOs, VCs and industry experts including The Technology Headlines Magazine’s editorial board.

The thorough analysis delved into business practices, services, compared them against industry standards to ensure that the work is of best in class quality and finally led The Technology Headlines to churn out the best companies. Born out of the same endeavor, Aerobyte perfectly matched the requisites of being a Leading Company, which gave the much-needed push for the company to join the prestigious list of The Technology Headlines.

Read more about Aerobyte’s IoT solutions in The Technology Headlines here.

Howard Hellman

Howard Hellman

Howard has a 25-year history of designing complex IT infrastructure solutions. He was noted for his ability to engineer complex Cyber Security, High-Performance Computing, and Cloud environments. Howard Hellman has been a forward thinker in the technology industry and is excited to discuss new concepts in cybersecurity from new vantage points that many IT leaders may have dismissed in the past.