Aerobyte is always proud to be named by our peers as a Top Ten Emerging Cybersecurity Company 2021

Aerobyte is named the top ten emerging cybersecurity company for 2021. We are always excited to be recognized for our forward-thinking approach to protecting the public-private sector, individuals’ private information while maintaining their civil liberties. Aerobyte removes network security from the cybersecurity equation and eliminates the attack surface on network traffic and any endpoint.

Our entire system is designed to protect where data is most vulnerable, moving away from castle moat perimeter-based security architectures. Our solution maintains investment protection while reducing the number of vendors and products an IT organization maintains, thereby simplifying the entire cyber protection process. You hear a lot of hype about Zero Trust Architecture. Our entire solution is completely built on Zero Trust Architecture at its core. Our founders have forty years of combined experience with Zero Trust security models.

Stay tuned for the end of the summer for some big announcements as we have been operating in stealth mode and look forward to changing the way the industry addresses cybersecurity at its core. 

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Howard Hellman

Howard Hellman

Howard has a 25-year history of designing complex IT infrastructure solutions. He was noted for his ability to engineer complex Cyber Security, High-Performance Computing, and Cloud environments. Howard Hellman has been a forward thinker in the technology industry and is excited to discuss new concepts in cybersecurity from new vantage points that many IT leaders may have dismissed in the past.