Zero Trust Network Access aka ZTNA – Is this the death of the VPN?

Zero Trust Network Access ZTNA, like any new term, is being thrown around the mix, and it’s there to stay. Depending on who you ask, there are a variety of ways of deployment. It’s only a matter of time before organizations say goodbye to their VPNs. Just a word to the wise, there are some pitfalls when deploying Zero Trust Network Access with certificates, if not done properly you are exposing your organization to risk that may be hard to track. 

Link to the Article on Security Boulevard   https://zcu.io/SfN

Howard Hellman

Howard Hellman

Howard has a 25-year history of designing complex IT infrastructure solutions. He was noted for his ability to engineer complex Cyber Security, High-Performance Computing, and Cloud environments. Howard Hellman has been a forward thinker in the technology industry and is excited to discuss new concepts in cybersecurity from new vantage points that many IT leaders may have dismissed in the past.